Laundry Facts

Laundry Mistakes to Watch Out For

February 03, 2021

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Some people love to do laundry. The fresh smell, the satisfaction of the task, the comfort of folding - all things that make it a pleasant chore. Other people hate to do laundry. The perfume smell, the drudgery of the chore, the mind numbing folding. Whatever category you fall into you probably still make mistakes. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

Separate your clothes. Most people know to separate whites from colors but we also recommend separating extremely dirty clothes (muddy, greasy) from your regular wear clothing. It's also best to separate heavy fabrics such as jeans from more delicate attire.

Don't scrub stains. If you scrub your stains you may end up with a bigger one. Instead, dab a stain gently and treat it as early as possible.

Some things need to be dry cleaned rather then washed. Articles like suede, leather, and suits should be dry cleaned, not ruined in your washer.

Don't over dry your clothes. This can cause your clothes to wrinkle more and even cause the fibers to break down faster.

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