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​Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery near Upland, Ontario, and Fontana

If you don't have time to do your laundry and/or you want to limit going out into public then wash and fold pickup and delivery near Fontana is for you! With our laundry delivery service, all you have to do is click on "Schedule a Pickup" and create an account. Tell us where and when you want us to pick up your laundry and we will come to you! Our laundry pickup will take your dirty clothes back to our laundromat where we will wash, dry and fold your clothes. Then we will deliver them back to you the very next day.

Home delivery laundry service in the Inland Empire is easy and convenient. If you want your clothes washed a certain way, that is no problem. Just let us know when you create your order online and our pickup laundry service will launder your clothes exactly how you want. And you don't need to be home, or answer the door when we pick up you dirty clothes or drop off your clean ones. Our laundry service pickup and delivery near Upland will send you a text when the driver is on the way to your home. You will also get a text when the driver picks up your laundry and when they drop it off.

We offer laundry pickup and delivery near Ontario Monday through Friday. Pricing is $1.95 per lb (bulky items such as Comforters and Pillows are charged separately depending on size). There is a $40 minimum charge and our turnaround time is one day (Sundays excluded). We charge a $10 fee for pickup and delivery on top of the wash and fold price, with a $40 minimum. If you are located over 5 miles from one of our locations then it is $15, with a $40 minimum, and over 15 mile the delivery fee is $25 with a $40 minimum.

So save yourself some time and energy and try our laundry service pickup and delivery near Upland and Fontana today.